SW Mutual Aid Vegas

What is it?

SW Mutual Aid Vegas is a fund created by sex workers for use by sex workers. We encourage you to ask for what you need and give what you can to support others.

Is it private?

Yes. We will never give out any information you give us. We also don't need to know your real name or even why you need the money. We trust you.

What can I get & how does it work?

You can get $200.00 (Due to strong demand we are limitting this to $100.00). As long as there is money available it will be paid out immediately. Once there is not enough in the fund you will be put on a wait list and receive the funds as soon as there is money available again. This works on a first come first serve basis.

Do you profit from this?

We take no money from aid provided to the fund. We believe the fund should be accessible to all sex workers in our community, so it is possible that one of us could be a grant receipient, but we do not profit from this. All operational costs are covered by us and never taken out of the fund.

Can I get a tax deduction?

Not yet. We are currently in the process of obtaining legal 501c3 status. We will update you here if there are any news!

Can I help?

Can you provide a service (legal, business, tax, mentoring, etc.) or give any kind of aid? Would you like to help us fundraise? Use our form at contribute.