Your money will be given directly to sex workers who apply.

We take no money from aid provided to the fund. We believe the fund should be accessible to all sex workers in our community, so it is possible that one of us could be a grant receipient, but we do not profit from this. All operational costs are covered by us and never taken out of the fund.

If you wish to use PayPal or give monthly, use the PayPal button below. You will be redirected to the secured PayPal Website to set up your payment.


Shirts and other things

If you'd like to have something to show your support, or just something awesome to show off, you can get some merchandise from redbubble. Please be aware that while we do not make any money from rebubble, a percentage of the money you pay will go to redbubble.



banq is a sex worker friendly payment platform and anonymous peer to peer transfer app. We are using it internally and can make immediate payments through it. If you'd like to know more you can find information about it on their website.

To donate through banq you can use the following qr code or search for SWAID in the banq app.

Banq QR code for SWAID

Have more help to give?

Use the form below to get in tough with us if you have specific services or skills you'd like to offer for help. We will contact you and connect you with sex workers in the community.

Please provide your name, email and what you can contribute.

We are a small donations based mutual aid in Las Vegas. We focus assisting people in Las Vegas.

Do you currently reside in Las Vegas?